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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thankful *Friday*

After thinking that yesterday was Friday all day, you would think that I would have posted Thankful Thursday- after all, I thought it was a day late. And that would have actually put it on time!... but no, I didn't think about it until this morning while reading a friend's blog!
Anyway... Thankful thoughts this week...
~Literature terms flashcards.

 ~God's beauty in creation.
 ~The moon.
 ~The stars.
 ~And what they can teach us about the Lord.

"The firmament  showeth his handiwork"
~Psalms 19~
Did you know that there is a star with a black hole in it... in the exact shape of a cross? And have you ever noticed that at times the ring of light around the moon looks like a cross?
~The word of God.
~Laughing over nothing with Tori :). 
~Laughing over school work.
~Having babies to read to, tickle, love, and chase :). 
~The fact that my parents chose to home school us!!!
~And that our Grandma and Aunts have started doing a few extra classes with us :).
~Hearing Andrew reading a few words by himself :).
~Chocolate pie with homemade whipped cream!
This pie (oh, by the way, you can read the history behind that pie here, haha!) was part of the meal that Tori made by herself last Monday. It was soooo good: Tori's specialty (chicken pie), with homemade yeast rolls and the pie- yum!
~Reading old journals (I'm meaning mine, but I love reading the journals or letters of someone in history that have been published, too :)! Every once in a while I break out my journals and Tori and I have a great time reading through it, laughing at funny things that happened that we'd forgotten. I wish I was better at it! Come to think of it, I should pull them out and blog about some of them that started before I blogged much. Stuff like juicing our own carrots and such, that could be fun ;)!).
~Pretty paper.
~Having fun making some cards to have on hand.
~Dried flowers.
~Rubber stamps.
~Stamp pens- not sure if that is what they are called, but these are so cool (I just found them the other day, but there is no telling how long we've had them :P)! You draw on the area of the stamp you want, and you can have so many colors on the same stamp, or even just stamp on half of the stamp design!
~Paper cutters... not sure if this is the right name for this, either, but it is sooo much easier than scissors!

 "Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!"
~ 1 Chronicle 16:8

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