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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bible time

is not about the time, but the heart.
Of course, I've always known that bible time was useless if you didn't care about what you read*. But for a long time I thought that I wasn't doing all I should if I didn't do my devotions the VERY first thing in the morning, usually before I even got out of bed. Now, I know there is nothing wrong with doing bible time the first thing in the morning- it is actually a very good thing to fill your mind with scriptures to carry with you through the day, to dwell in them and soak them up. But the Lord has been showing me that, just like with other minor details in our walk with God, we can carry this one too far. (Of course, we should know what we believe and stand firm to that, but it is one of those things that differs from one true christian to the next true christian, like what bible version we read. It is not a salvation issue, like was Christ really the Son of God or was he just a really good prophet. It is simple where your convictions lead you, as it was with eating the meat offered to idols in the New Testament.)
Imagine if you woke up at the normal time in the morning, and a family member was having a serious health problem that involved rushing them to the hospital, and due to that emergency trip, you didn't get your bible time until that afternoon. Have you sinned by not getting your bible read before you took your family member to the hospital? Certainly not! God put that circumstance in your life, and you are to go through it trusting God to both take care of the situation, and give you the needed time with him.
Of course, this case is extreme, but it still applies to things like making breakfast for the family, especially if you will be out of the house early and making breakfast before bible is the only way all will be fed.
Now, we do need to know that just because it is not a sin to not read your bible first thing in the morning (or at whatever time you have set personally), doesn't mean that we just don't do our bible time during the day at all. We should do it at the first possible time!!! If  I haven't done my bible time for the day, I personally feel that I should not be reading fiction or be on the internet. I also feel that I really shouldn't be doing any personal "fun hobbies", either. (Some "hobbies" are needed, as in baking or such, but this shouldn't be done JUST for fun. If it is needed, it is alright, but we shouldn't say "I have nothing to do, I'll go do --- before bible time") This way, I know that I get my bible time sometime in the day, and also it is just a bit of a safe guard while reading through man's opinions to have Christ's law fresh in your mind.
Anyway, I just thought I would share what I feel the Lord has shown me recently. And I don't mind if you hold a different view :).
*I just thought I should clarify... I should have said that it was useless for growth in Christ as a christian. Reading the Bible is still good for you even when not saved- there are countless stories of people who picked up a bible from boredom, curiosity, or from a dare, and have been saved through reading those words breathed by God!

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