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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A regular post...

Need I mention that this is "another scatter-brained post"? That's all I post, right :)? Haha!
We had a great time at the "Teach Them Diligently" conference in Spartanburg a couple weeks ago! We got to hear Mr. Voddie Baucham, Mr. Ken Ham, Mr. Doug Phillips, and the Mally children. I got to talk to Miss Sarah Mally while Daddy paid for a couple of their books, and to Miss Grace Mally when my friend Kaitlyn introduced me to her- Kaitlyn had helped them pass out tracts the day before :). And Daddy was able to talk to Mr. Voddie Baucham :). We visited our Grandparents while we were down there, and then headed home. It seems that we picked some cold up while we were gone, but we are doing much better now... just coughs left.
Since then, we have been getting ready for the baby (due next Saturday!). I still have to finish the second baby blanket... It is taking longer than I thought it would at first, and I'm running out of time!!! And I still want to make some little froggie booties to go with it :)...
Speaking of frogs, our winter was so warm this year (although we did get hail the other day!!!?), that the frogs have already started coming to sit on our window at night (they do this every spring/summer- we live right beside a retention pond that is full of them!). They don't usually start until May or June!!! Abbi is so excited, and she has got Emmi pretty excited, too :)...
Anyway... that is a bit of what we have been doing since I last posted (and we do have a couple of posts up on our new blog since we started it... only a couple... but, hey, at least a couple!!!). Hopefully I'll get to posting more regularly again soon :)!

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