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Monday, April 9, 2012

I had a thought the other night.

Jesus was a big brother.
I mean, I always knew that he had siblings. I know that he had four brothers and at least two sisters. But, although I knew he had siblings, I never really thought of the fact that he was a big brother. I know he would have been the perfect big brother- the kind of older sibling that I want to be. He was perfect in every way.
I got this picture... Jesus, dandling a baby, a toddler, on his lap after helping his Father in the fields all day. I know he had a love for children- after all, he said "do not forbid them".
Or maybe romping with his brothers. Or defending his sisters from some rough animal or something. Really, it's a precious thought to think of how Jesus must have been as a big brother!
I know I need to change in so many ways. I know that I am far from perfect!!! But, by God's grace, I hope to become a better image for the world as to what Christ was like... even in the area of older sibling.

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