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Friday, March 9, 2012

Long time no see!

(...Okay, sorry... Family greeting, heehee, :)!... I'm tired of posts titled things like "I'm back"... this one seemed a bit more exciting, haha!)
I know it has been forever since I posted anything here...
The baby blanket I mentioned I was making is done. It took sooo much yarn, haha! But, it is ready for Mommy to use when the baby gets here! Now I have three sets of booties and a special blanket for the baby to keep that I want to finish before April seventh (before would be better... but we don't expect the baby to be too early, after 4 late babies... two of them 17 days late! Mommy wants to keep the blanket that I made to match her doll blanket, and I think I have time to finish the simple but cute knit blanket I found so that the baby can keep one, too.
Mommy has been sewing a lot lately- she is also trying to get a lot of baby items done before baby comes :)!
Other than that, things have been kind of "calm" around here... heehee. Aside for the trip we took to Brattonsville three weeks ago, and the trip to the South Carolina State Museum two weeks ago. Those trips were so fun :)!
Tori and I have been learning sign language the past couple weeks, usually accompanied by Bethani. And, we did something today that we have thought about for a while... post coming later ;)!

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