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Monday, April 9, 2012

Hidden Treasures...

My Grandma and Aunts came over on Saturday. It was a lot of fun! They brought with them this little kit, to show the little ones how much work it really takes to get gems and rocks. There were going to be eleven gems and/or rocks in all of this hard powdery encasement (a lot like Plaster of Paris). After lunch, we headed outside to go "dig for gems".
Smack, smack, smack... Hit, hit, hit... Whack, whack, whack...
We were about a fourth of the way through the brick when Aunt Tessa, who was helping Bethani dig at the moment, called out that she thought that they had found something. It turned out to be some dis-colored, hard "sand". Back to smack, hit, and whack! ("Wouldn't it be funny if they were all in a little bag in the middle?" Grandma laughed. "I wonder if all the gems will be on the other end?" (haha, yep!))
We were about halfway through breaking up the brick full of stuff, when we found it! Andrew did, anyway. We were so excited! After that, I think everybody hit harder (haha!), because after that we found them much quicker! (Actually, I think we should have just started at the other end- the gems were all in the last half, heehee!!!). Soon Bethi found one, then I found two at once, then Tori found one. After this, Andrew whacked the whole thing apart, and found four at once, haha! I think Tori and Bethi found the other two, but I'm not positive, because at this point I was helping look for them somewhere else! After Andrew broke the block open, Abbi came running through (she had got bored of this whole exciting experience after her first turn hitting at it- picking flowers was much more fun to her!) and knocked the paper we were putting them on, while Aunt Amber determined what they were, into the grass. We lost four gems/rocks to the grass. Grandma found three ("Grandma, we need help! We really can't find the fourth. Where did you find the others again?"), but the rose quartz is still out there somewhere ( "For someone to find later when they least expect it"). It should be interesting to see if we ever do find it ;)! We decided not to spent to much time on it after all the gems were gotten from the rock, because we still had ten- one more then we have family members!- and Aunt Amber said that the one we were looking for was clear :P! Also, Grandma and Aunt Tessa and Aunt Amber had to leave about that time (it took longer than we thought it would!). And we even tried to speed it up by using a hammer and nails and screwdrivers instead of the little wooden tools that came in the kit! But it was really fun, (and we only cracked and lost one, despite the metal tools and running children (who had a blast running around with magnifying glasses and safety goggles)!...) :)! And we think they were real gems just like the box said, haha! (Some of us started to wonder, after Aunt Amber called out "Tessa! Can you get that? One of them just blew behind you.". But, even though Aunt Tessa couldn't believe that it had actually blown, we think they are real, just really small :)...)
Anyway, I got to thinking...
People will work so hard for gems- earthly treasure. They are beautiful! And they are costly.
What would you do if someone handed you the world's largest gem and said "This is for you. It is a free gift. But, you must wash it everyday, and guard it carefully."
Jesus did this for you. He gives you, for free, the greatest gem there is- eternal life with him. For free. Not because it cost nothing for him- it cost everything for him. He had to leave heaven, where he was the highest, the most powerful, the King of Kings... and come to earth to be born to a poor family. As a helpless baby. Not as a King. And die the most un-desirable death- the death of the cross- to pay for our sins- every sin, even the grumpy thoughts! But he now lives again, to care for you, love you, and welcome you into his arms!
No, it is free, not because you deserve it, as all we deserve is hell because of our sin, and not because it was cheap, but because... he loves you. And he is waiting for us to come to him, to love him like the greatest gem, the best of Kings, the most loving of Father's... and the only true God, the King of Kings. To believe on him and live for him.
But once we do, it can't be something that we just set on a shelf and leave. No, if it was a earthly gem, you would care for it, guard it, tell the giver how thankful you were over and over, and tell others what this person had done. Which is exactly what God wants you to do. Guard against the Devil with Christ's help, be careful to do only what the Lord wants, tell him over and over how thankful you are, and share this wonderful news with others, so that they, too, can receive this beautiful gift! Because it truly is the most beautiful gift!
It isn't easy to stay on the right path, but with Jesus help, it can be done, and life with him brings wonderful rewards!!!! After all, all gems require work. But when that work is done for Jesus and with Jesus' help, not to earn your salvation, but to thank God for that salvation, I think it's worth it :)!

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