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Friday, April 20, 2012

A bit of our day today :)!

We've had a full, busy day today! Mommy and I sewed some more on some cloth diapers, which are almost finished!
Tori has been in the kitchen all morning leading science experiment after science experiment... Some of the stuff that she has brought us has been quite interesting ;)! And she sure kept Bethi and Andrew enthralled! (I think their favorite was the putty... either that or the egg in vinegar that they have started. The putty is kind of cool :)!)
And I finished the baby's (personal) blanket today! I'm so excited! The booties will only take a couple of hours, and then I'm debating on making a hat to go with it (I know, the list keeps getting longer!!! I can't help it... Really, I've tried! Two years ago I promised myself that after Christmas was over, I wasn't going to pick up a crochet hook for a month, I was "so tired of crocheting two hours every day". Guess what I had in my hand with yarn two days after Christmas???). After that I'm done with baby items until we know if the baby is a boy or girl. But Bethi's birthday is in eleven days... so that is another something to make something for... I can't make up my mind what, though :P. Do you know how annoying it is to have three birthday present ideas... but they all are for the birthdays that come after the one you need to hurry for?! I've got a couple ideas, the problem is, I can't decide which one to go with!
And that is about all of the unusual stuff we've done today. Then I opened blogger to write this blog post, and found that blogger has "taken on a new look". Now I have to re-learn where everything is...

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