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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday, week fifty-two ~Celebrating a year of Thursdays :).

Tomorrow will be exactly a year since I posted my first Thankful Thursday :)! In honor of that I am posting this on a Thursday ;). Big accomplishment, huh?!
No, seriously now. I was wondering if, maybe, some of you would like to help me celebrate! I know that several of my friends have told me they have started/want to start posting Thankful Thursday posts over this past year, and I wondered if anybody wanted to do that this week :). You could link to your post in the comments, and we could all have fun counting our blessings together! What do you say :)?... (And yes, this should have come earlier in the day... I'm sorry!)
This week I'm thankful for....
~Being able to read through blessings that I may have otherwise forgotten a year ago :).
~Yard work.
~Peter's enjoyment of dirt- that was sooo cute :).
~That the weed eater started yesterday, haha. I had to call Daddy, but it finally obeyed, haha.
~Jasmine flowers... Tori found some in the woods :). Since all the stuff in the retention pond was cut down, I was worried that we wouldn't have any this year, and it was looking like that would be true. Tori got the idea to check in the woods, and found some :). Now we just have to get back there and cut enough to dry some :).
~Our iLumina software :).
~This challenge. I am really looking forward to getting the magazine (The King's Blooming Rose) that Sarah Bryant puts out!
~Getting to make hair clips with Bethi this week for the auction :). It was kind of stressfull knowing people are paying money for them, since I'd never made them before, but it was fun :).
~Resurrection Sunday- and, more importantly, what it stands for :) Praise Jesus for his death and resurrection for us!
~Cinnamon rolls. Oh, nobody has heard about my baking experience last Sunday, have they?... I am almost done writing a three part series, to be posted one at a time, with that story....
~That we were able to fix our washer (again!!!)
~Egg-less Peanut Butter cookies. We are trying not to give Abbi eggs, and I really wanted some PB cookies. I was so glad that I had a recipe from one of my friends (a former pen pal :).) and her sister :).
~And egg-less muffins. We can still do Muffin Morning Mondays!
~Blogging classes- Mommy signed us up for one earlier this week. We'll see what happens after we're done with it. I'm not sure yet how much will change around here :).
~A little one's delight at hearing their name in a book.
~The first butterfly of the year :).
~Getting to take a little one out to check the mail.
~Peter's little voice.
~A year of thankful thoughts :)!...

 “‘I saw the Lord always before me,
for he is at my right hand that I may not be shaken;
  therefore my heart was glad, and my tongue rejoiced;
my flesh also will dwell in hope."
                                                    ~Acts 2:25-26

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