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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Promised pictures from Musgrove and the Star Fort- finally!

The Star Fort was named because of it's shape, and Ninety-Six was named because it was thought that it was 96 miles from an Indian tribe. The Star fort was a lot of fun. As I've mentioned before, I love history, and we have to stop and read every single plaque :). We went on living history day. It was fun to see them going about a normal day (well, normal for that time period :)!). They were living in a "tavern".
It was really hot, even though it rained part of the day we were there, but it was well worth it!

Wearing the loyalist actor's hat.

I love this picture! Daddy has such great ideas in photography!

I like this picture too. I was almost afraid that Daddy would 
laugh because it's a "rustic" picture... but a few minutes later I
turned around, and Daddy was also taking a picture of it :)...

Strange trees...

(I couldn't decide which I liked best...)

 Looks like a teapot :)!

  I really liked this one :). This is from Musgrove, 
the first three were from the Star Fort.

Beautiful plants...

Does this count as a plant picture? Haha :).

Not sure about this one, either....

This is my favorite (this is also the only one from the Star Fort.).


The little waterfall :), haha...

Here's how big it really is :)...

This picture took forever! First my settings were wrong... then 
Tori and I couldn't coordinate where she would throw 
the rock, and when  I should take the picture... then 
somebody else and I had the same problem...  
Then Grandpa came to the rescue, and guess how many 
times it took us to get a picture of the splash caused 
by a thrown stick? 
Exactly one. This one :).

Other items of interest... 

Do you see the toad?!

My precious sister Tori :)!...

 Taken at the star Fort.

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