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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's the little things

that make up a day.
We laughed at Emmi the other day, when she asked for "sugar" (she meant yogurt. I mentioned the fact that I probably put "too much sugared-up jelly in mine" for it to be a snack instead of dessert (at least it was dessert then ;)), and she thought I meant I put too much yogurt, or sugar, in my cup :).). She asked for the yogurt, and I told her I would get her some. Then she asked "Can I have a cup, too? And a spoon?"
Now this was extremely cute, something you would think didn't need mentioned was so big to her mind :). But how often do I do the same thing with other little things, turning into a grump over nothing?
But, in the same way, it is the little things that make you smile. A hug, a thank you, another person's smile to you. Things so little, that everybody is so thankful for.
I hope with God's help to enjoy the little things more, and to bring more joy to others by doing little things for them, while learning to ignore the other little things that would usually upset me, that don't matter at all. Truly, I am so blessed, especially in the things that are so easy to think are too small to matter :)!

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