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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"The Titanic's Last Hero", by Moody Adams

This was a great book! I know I've mentioned John Harper a lot lately, but :)...
When you look up John Harper online, you don't get much. This book gave you a great look into the life on this man of God, who was raised in a christian home and saved at the age of thirteen. Before becoming an official preacher, he would preach at street corners. He eventually did get his own church, and it is said that he led many people to the Lord, and that he truly cared about his flock, praying all night at times for their salvation and walk with the Lord. Also, when they had a guest preacher, he would be praying in the back for the message the whole time it was being delivered. During this time of having his own congregation, he still continued to preach on the street! He often had poor health, but still gave his whole life to service to God. He lost his wife just a couple years after they married, leaving him alone with a newborn baby. His brother and his wife took little Nan into their home for a time, but Mr. Harper wanted her with him. They were together much of her life.
This book was a compilation of tributes to John Harper from fellow preachers, his brother, and a few others, including some who were saved by God through one of his messages. The book also includes his sermon notes for four of his sermons, how neat is that :)? I thought it was a really great book, and it was neat to learn more about Mr. Harper!

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