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Monday, September 3, 2012

Of icebergs and fevers

Great news first: Peter is feeling MUCH better today! He no longer has a fever, and seems to be breathing much better! He is his regular, smile-y self, although a bit shaky and less busy than usual ;). He s sitting here so snug'y :)... We are so glad that he was only that bad fr one day!!!
And as to the icebergs, Bethi and I had a great time earlier looking up icebergs in the encyclopedia :). She asked about them this morning, and so I took her back to the library and looked it up with her. I learned a bit, too :). We saw Greenland on the map (Aunt Tessa, can you tell Grandma that Bethi definitely remembered that from our history study with her :)?), we talked about how to use an encyclopedia :), we learned how many feet a mile is (yes, I got off on "rabbit trails", but hey, they were all related!), what ratio of the iceberg can be seen above versus below the water line, among other things that she thought were just as interesting :). But not how cold they are, at least we learned that while at the Titanic exhibit. It may be wrong of me, but I had to wonder what kind of encyclopedia we had that didn't tell you how cold the thing that is famous for being cold is :)? Anyway, we had fun....


Aunt Tessa said...

I told Grandma that Bethi remembered! Grandma thought that was wonderful! Oh, and those rabbit trails you got off on; I get off on those all of the time. Sometimes that's when little ones learn the most!;o) I just think its neat that you were helping Bethi use an encyclopedia...very rare for someone her age to know what an encylopedia even is these days, let alone how to use one.

Bri said...

I thought she would :).
I'm glad I'm not the only one :)!
Well, I did explain it and show her how to use it, but I think we'll probably have to do it a couple more times :). Which is fine, she was asking about ocean currants and I still haven't gotten to the encyclopedia with her yet :)!

Bri said...

Oh dear... told you... she asked me yesterday what an encyclopedia is... haha!