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Monday, October 1, 2012

September's month goals update.

With the Lord's help, to grow more like him!!! (Although, this is a on-going one, not finished this month by any means!)- of course, ongoing!
Make Tori and Andrew's birthday gifts. - Done.
Map out Christmas gifts (call me nuts, but I will, most likely, be starting making those Christmas gifts in early October. With the fact that I can only get one ball of yarn 40% off a week, and that I make at least 80%, usually 100%, of them by hand, it takes a while ;). I do have one gift that I know will be going on that list... I can't wait to make this for Peter :).) - mostly done. I still have to find something for Bethi.
Help come up with creative meals to get some of the many bulk items that we haven't been using lately out of our pantry. - ongoing :).
Pick sign language back up. I'm not sure how, but Tori and I kind of just quit moving forward with it, though we do still use what we've learned. You are supposed to be able to learn in a week if wanted?... - we did more than last month... but that is kind of pitiful...
Finish reading the driver's manual that Daddy bought me :P... I don't really want to drive, but I know that, even if  Daddy let's me decide when I learn, I'll have to learn some time, and I'd rather I got as much learning as possible out of the car ;). It doesn't help that all my friends are talking about learning to drive and how *wonderful* it is... eighteen wheelers coming inches from them... forgetting they have breaks on the car... running into a/c units the first lesson... _Oh, my, didn't finish this one, either...
And finish memorizing Philippians 1:27- 2:11. - Although I will continue to work on this, I do have it memorized, I just want to make sure it sticks :).
(And get a certain post out of draft mode, haha!)- this is done, also! This post was my Titanic post :).
There you have it. I got about half of it done!... haha...

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