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Monday, October 10, 2011

Things Andrew has said over the last few days:

As Mommy gets ready to walk out of the house; "I just knew that you were going, so I got my shoes on, because you need a protector!" Awww... (He was suppose to be going anyway!)
When Bethi asked him what to say when he coughs: "Um... 'Cough'?"
Today he told us that he was "stuck" because he was in the middle seat at the table. Abbi told him that he could got out through the seat that was empty beside him. He said "Oh! Ya! That will work! Your GOOD Abbi!!!" :).
His Buzz toy got dirty, and was being washed in the washer. He said "I'm having fun watching Buzz in the washer!" Four minutes later (While the washer still had an hour!)... "How much longer can this thing have!?!" Then sighed :).
I love this little boy :)...


Joy said...

How funny! My little sisters say funny things too, but my little cousins (all the boys ages 3-7) are often funnier (for some strange reason?).

Could I ask you a quick Blogspot question? I see that you have a section on your blog where your labels are listed. How did you do that? I tried adding a gadget, but couldn't find how to do it!

Bri said...

Haha... I think I'm going to put up another post with more Andrew in it!
And, yes, I don't know what it is, but Andrew can make the whole family laugh more than anyone else... except maybe Tori...

For the labels I went to Blog design, and hit "Add a gadget". Click on the gadget "Labels", program it the way you like (I have mine as a alphabetical list, with all my labels shown). Make sure you save the gadget and your "design changes". Hope that helps!!!