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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Praying that that was the worst...

First, Daddy had to leave Tuesday :(. That has only made the past two days seem worst... he is usually the one who takes the task of deciding when someone is "urgently" sick, something we don't grudge him in the least, haha...
I thought everybody was getting over the awful colds we'd had all last week on Sunday. But, on Monday, Daddy, caught it, or something else, we're not sure.
Emmi and Peter had it bad yesterday. The rest of us are not sure if it was because they are so little, or if they really do have something different, and our turn is right around the corner.
Even compared to Peter, though, Emmi was bad. I mean, bad. Peter seemed down-right perky next to her. (And he wasn't, I assure you!)
Do you remember that a little over a year ago, Daddy and Mommy made the decision to take Emmi to Urgent Care? We have been very blessed excitement-wise (as in, excitement free ;)!) when it comes to health, and we had never taken anybody to get them checked out for a cold before, but Emmi really sounded like she could not breath, and would not eat or even drink water.
Well, that's how it seemed she was acting yesterday. Only it seemed even worst, because she was coughing so hard, she developed a headache on top of everything else. She was pitiful, coughing and then whimpering as she rubbed her head :(. If she hadn't improved as well as she did after we gave her a bit of medicine, I think Mommy would definitely have taken her to Urgent Care again.
But, she has shown great signs of feeling normal today, which we are extremely thankful to God for :), and Peter doesn't seem quite as groggy today, either, so... we may be just about over everything?
Anyway... just sharing recent happenings... I'm really hoping I'll get to posting Thankful Thursday tomorrow!


Lynn said...

I hope the worst is behind all of you now -- including Daddy--I love you all

Bri said...

We're doing much better here, Gramma, although I haven't heard how Daddy is doing today. Love you!

Kaitlyn said...

We are praying for y'all!!