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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As grains of sand...

One of our friends, Miss Brenda, sent us the link to this site the other day... Sand grains magnified 110-250 times reveal each grain is unique.
These pictures of those tiny, tiny grains of sand are amazing! As Mommy pointed out, they give a whole new meaning to God's promise to Abraham that his decedents would be like the grains of sand. Not only would they be as numerous as the sand that we can not count, but they would each be beautiful in their own special way, just as God created them!
I think all of them are neat, but if you look through them all, I really like the "star" looking ones and the fragments of baby sea urchin shells (sounds kind of gross, but they are pretty :).)
They do mention millions of years in the video, but just in passing, and the rest of it was well worth a peak :).
Mommy showed it to Tori yesterday, and she immediately got her own microscope out, gathered some sand off of some sea shells she has collected, and we got to see those, too :). We would need to buy a certain kind of slide that Tori doesn't own (yet ;)... I'm sure they will be coming in the future after she has enough saved up or someone else helps out), according to a friend at church... But we could still see the shapes perfectly fine, and that was amazing in itself :).
Isn't our God wonderful?! Every snowflake, every grain of sand, every fingerprint, is different, no matter how many there are!

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