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Friday, September 9, 2011

A little bit of this and that...

We've been busy the last couple of weeks! We've arrived at our family's "birthday season", which has six (out of our soon to be nine birthdays in the family) birthdays in five weeks, and Daddy was able to take a bit of time off of work these past couple weeks, and we used the time for some things that we'd been planning for a while. We went to visit Granny, Grandpa and Grandma, Gramma and Papa Nate, we went to pick apples and went to the South Carolina state museum (and we only got half way through the war room before we had to leave, so we're still planing on going back there), and the zoo. We had three birthdays in a one week span, and started helping with church clean up! We've had a lot of fun!
Oh, and the "Fool-proof blanket" that I was going to make for Abbi's birthday, as stated in this post?
I made it alright, but I called these things fool proof too soon :)! Although I have made both a single-piece tag blanket and a double-sided tag blanket, and had no trouble, this one was different! I didn't know that there was more than one kind of fleece, so I just picked up a cute piece of fleece that had a cute frog print on it. Well, it seems that the fleece I picked up was not what I usually use (I think I picked up "pill fleece", I'm not sure what I usually use) and it didn't work the same! When I was working with it, the backside of the blanket, which was out of the stuff that I usually use, worked fine, but with the pill fleece, some of the tags were pulling apart in my hand as I was tying the blanket! It was still cute, and once it was done you couldn't tell that some of the tags were shorter than others, but it was much more work than I was anticipating. I didn't mind it though, when Abbi took to it as soon as she unwrapped it. It has finely stopped losing fuzz left and right, and Abbi loves it :). Frogs are a big thing at our house, because we live right beside a retention pond, and the frogs that live in it like to sit on our windows at night, and Abbi loves them! She wants to hold every one that is at her level (Andrew, on the other hand, likes to enjoy them from a distance!).
Also, Daddy was weeding the garden the other day and found a chrysalis, which we are now... raising? I don't know what you would call it, as we're doing no work for it, but we are keeping it in a loosely covered jar. Last time Daddy brought some thing in from weeding it was a caterpillar that turned out to be a Tersa Sphinx, which has never been reported as seen in our area before, so we're excited to see what this one will be!


Joy said...

Hmmm... I didn't know there were two different kinds of fleece. That's interesting. I've only worked with fleece a few times before; I usually use cotton or sometimes flannel or denim.

Bri said...

Well, if I was right about the name, stay away from pill fleece! It is soft and tempting, but it is not fun to work with, haha!