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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple picking pictures (post long, but mostly full of pictures...)

We went to Sky Top this time, and it was beautiful!!!

All the apples on the trees...

There were a lot of apples on the ground,
also, but they were so pretty!The apples there had such nice colors... They were so pretty!Emmi-Joy loves apples... cutie!They had a couple of animal pens there, too.The baby chickens were adorable!

Mommy and her family used to have a
peacock that lived around their house, but
this was the first time that we children had seen
one other than in pictures.


Joy said...

Looks like fun. It is beautiful there!!

Bri said...

It was a lot of fun!!!
It was sooo pretty there! The other one we went to was cheaper, but Sky top was so much prettier, plus they had the animal pens. We're thinking that for picking the apples we really NEED, we'll go to the other, but we'll go to Sky top once a year as a family outing with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Amber, and hopefully Aunt Tessa next time :).
Oh, and thank you for doing the name "Theodore"! I first really started liking the name (and especially the nickname "Theo") after reading "The Bishops Shadow" and it's sequel, which I reviewed on my blog.