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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little bits of news...

Nothing really important :).

Emilee has officially moved up into our bedroom! She is sleeping in my bed, and she is loving it so much (and so am I)!!! She is an awesome sleeper (so far), and Abbi has started to do a little better at the sleeping through the night thing herself.
We found our chrysalis had hatched yesterday morning sometime before nine o'clock...

It turned out to be a moth, but I have no idea what kind.
Oh, and look at what I found Abbi doing the other day (and Andrew is sitting there enjoying it with her)...

She is too cute... and she knows she is not suppose to have Mommy's computer... haha.
And I just have to add this one! Emmi has this really cute crinkly-eyed grin... and I caught the tail-end of it. Heehee!

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