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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy birthday to Andrew!!!

Andrew turns five today!!!
Happy birthday to a sweet little boy named Andrew :)!!!!!!
I wanted Andrew to be born on my birthday, September twelve, but he chose to come seventeen days late on, September thirty. Oh well, he was worth the longer wait if you ask me :).
Andrew likes Cowboys, cars and... fishing. He has never gone fishing before. And we don't know where he got it from. But he seriously wants to go fishing. With Daddy. In a boat. It is part of his prayers every night :)...
He loves his family, even though he has a lot of sisters, and he is excited about the new baby in April...
"Maybe it will be a boy... or maybe it will be a girl...
and THEN that will be a WHOLE LOT of sisters in
this house!!!" :) says Andrew to Emmi.
He is a sweet helper, helping without being asked quite often lately.
He is a goofy little boy, keeping us all laughing through out the day (and the younger girls will laugh at the least little face he makes at them!)...
And he is Andrew... the best little first brother we've ever had ;), or known :).
Happy Birthday Andrew!!!


Joy said...

Happy birthday to Andrew, a few days late! Your description of him puts me in mind of one of my cousins, five-year-old Joshua.

Bri said...

Oh, that's fun :)! When is Joshua's birthday?
When I told Andrew that "Joy, a lady who reads my blog, told you "happy birthday", he said "WHAT? Why? HOW DID SHE KNOW?!?!?!?!" Haha :)