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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We found a turtle outside today...
This one pulled his head in and shut himself
up in his shell as soon as I got to
Sweet Emmi... :)!
Abbi was the one who found the turtle. She was so excited!

Andrew actually took a turn holding this one! (He is scared
of turtles, dogs, sheep, ducks, whatever- everything
except bugs! So this was shocking!)

Bethi-boo loves turtles!
Tori and the turtle :).
And just for a laugh... That is, she said, a smile...


Joy said...

We always find turtles when we go to my grandparents' house, because they live next door to a nature center! My brother Nathan, sister Emily (3 years old), and I will hold them, but Katie wants nothing to do with it. :) I love the picture of Emmi!

Bri said...

We live right beside a retention pond, so we see them a lot, too.
Haha, Andrew would get along with Katie ;).