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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Laughables post :)...

Just a couple random tidbits that I thought were funny :)...

I was asking someone to hang up one of Emmi's dresses the other day, and Emmi piped up "Yes, in my day, we ALWAYS "hang-ed" it up!"

Bethi, while reading her bible the other day... "Moses wrote Exodus?! I thought he died in the middle Exodus!"
Tori and I answered, "Yes, he wrote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy."
"Oh, okay. I thought he died."
"Not in Exodus, but he does in Deuteronomy."
Blank look.
"Someone finished it for him, probably Joshua."
I should have told her that Joshua dead before his book, duly named Joshua, was finished, also...

Abbi the other day was looking out the window, and she said "I wish Daddy could stay with us always." Bethi, wanting to know why she voiced that desire at that moment, asked her why. Abbi took it as though Bethi didn't want him to stay home, though, and was thoroughly shocked ;). "Bethi!" she exclaimed. "Because I love him!!! I wish Daddy would sell all of his books (remember, Daddy works at a bookstore ;)) so that he could stay home!..." She is so sweet!

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