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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thankful Saturday- Thankful Thursday, late, of course, week 30 :)!

Well, if I can't post on time, at least I can post in a neat little order :) Thursday, Friday, Saturday... I'll try not to make the next one a Sunday ;). And it doesn't seem I've been doing this that long. Peter turned six months this week, too :(... where has the time gone?!!!
This week I'm thankful for...
~Zoo trips with friends (I promise to work on a post or two about our two zoo trips in the past three weeks as soon as I can... there are just so many pictures that will need uploaded, and at this point they are already on a disk...).
~Fall colors (the ride to our Grandparents was fun since they get more change in the tree colors :).)...
~Getting to visit our Grandparents and Aunts again this week :). We had a lot of fun- Grandpa took us geo-caching again, we spent plenty of time baking, playing outside, reading, talking, and doing dishes together :).
~Working with art. I just discovered this week that I love doing pictures in color, too :)! It isn't quite as real looking (and it's been so long that I forgot that markers smudge. The duck I was coloring has a big smudge on the back of it's head from when I laid my hand (that had just been resting on the blue sky...) on it while putting on the finishing touches), but it is so fun when you are going for a cute picture, rather than a realistic picture :).
~That I was able to make decent granola bars the other day. They came out a little crumbly, but they were bars!!! And, I know two factors that may have made them more crumbly, so I'll try to fix those next time, and if that doesn't work, we'll try adding an egg. But, they were still so fun to make, and they tasted good! Just not exactly firm enough to eat in the car without a big mess :)... (Although, being a girl, what in the world put it in my head to replace half the chocolate with nuts? Next time it needs nuts and all the chocolate ;)...).
~Louisa May Alcott's books. Right now I'm reading "Under the Lilacs" (Grandma let me borrow it), and loving it- I have wanted to read it for years! (I heard about it in one of the Fairchild books, heehee :).)
~Games of scrabble.
~That Emmi  is not allergic to bee stings! That was so scary, because Daddy is, so it was a big possibility she was... but she handled it so well! She calmly came to me, "Bri, -::sniff::- I hurt." It didn't look like an ant bite, and I hadn't seen such a small sting before, aside for the fact that I thought she would have shrieked when it happened if it was one, so I thought she had poked herself with a stick (although she thought an alligator bit her?!). I am sooo thankful Aunt Tessa took a look too!!!
 ~Pinecones... they are so beautiful, and you can use them for so much, and they an be great for analogies... maybe I could do a post on them sometime this Christmas season :). What are your favorite uses for pinecones, large and small?
~Doing crafts with my Aunts and siblings. Between Tori's, both my Aunt's, and my ideas/finds, we usually do at least one whenever we're there :).
~That people do not make hot sauce ice cream.. yet... Heeheehee, any ideas where that one came from???
~Hearing Emmi "read" her favorite book.
~We are most certainly moving to Virginia!
~God's provisions for our family.
~Daddy's visit home right now!!!
~A washer and dryer.... with all the clothes we have after the whole family has been gone, one for two weeks and the rest for three days... I am sooo thankful we don't have to do clothes by hand anymore!!!
~Baby kisses from Peter :)... Love it! Especially when they are voluntary!!!
~A sleeping baby laying in my lap as I write this :)...
~These precious baby cheeks...

For a few notes that have nothing to do with my Thankful Thursday posts (well... I guess I'm thankful for something in all of them... but... anyway, just read on ;)...
The "It's Tommy's Time" auction ends TODAY. If you would like to look around, maybe bid, or anything like that, now is the time, up until midnight tonight. Thanks!
I really will try to start on that zoo post this week :).
But first (or maybe I'll bat them back and forth, posting whichever is done first first? There are a lot of pictures, after all...), I want to write out one more blog post, about all that God has done for us in the past couple months in this journey of Daddy's new job and the couple months leading up to it.

"Bless our God, O peoples;
let the sound of his praise be heard,"
~Psalm 66:8

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