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Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy birthday to Andrew!

Andrew is six!!!
Andrew is such a sweet addition, and we love him so much :)!
This year Andrew has learned to read, to tie his shoes, and has been put in charge of the trash (something that he has absolutely loved to do for years ;).), among many other things that have brought him great enjoyment ;).. It has been wonderful to get to see him grow. It has been precious to hear him tell us girls that "he will protect us", and telling Peter that "when you get big, we can play ---- together!!!"
 Happy birthday, Andrew! I pray that this is another wonderful year in your life through Jesus! Love you!


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Tori (n.s.i.) said...

And it was cute to hear him say, while patting Peter's hand, "I can't wait to hold this hand every day when we pray!"