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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just too cute...

I mentioned the fact that we had learned to sign "Away in a Manger". Well, Emmi enjoys joining us :)!
She'll be playing, eating, anything... Then, she says, out of the blue, "Jesus... Jesus... Jesus... The sky!!!". As she says "Jesus", she holds her little hands under her chin (half of the sign for the "morning is nigh" part). As she says "the sky", she throws her hands in the air (you sweep your arms in the air to sign "sky".). It is really cute :)!
Also, today we went to clean the church. Daddy came to help us, but he had to get back to work after we were done. The rest of us were going to do some shopping before we went home. Abbi called from the back "Can we eat at a frefont? I mean- a fryfont?" She meant restaurant! I think she must have wanted fries ;)!
And, a wonderful update on Miss Rhonda: She got to come home right before Christmas!!!


Aunt Tessa said...

Awww....that IS cute! How exciting that Emmi is catching on to the song!
Did Abbi get to go to the "fryfont?" Hey, it makes sense to me!:o) Love to you all!!!
So glad that Mrs. Rhonda was able to make it home for Christmas!

Bri said...

I know! Hopefully she still does it next time we see you :)!!!
Not exactly, we didn't eat out, but Mommy got corn dogs and chips for supper, Abbi thought that was great :)! We love you too!
We are very happy for them :)!