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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Candies

We started our Christmas baking about a week before Christmas. We did all the candies in two days, although not back- to- back.
The first day, Tori and all the little ones got in the kitchen with me to make chocolate dipped pretzels, white and chocolate. It is tradition for us children to do this part- it has been since Christmas 2006! We have a few more children helping since then (in 2006 there were three of us who were old enough to dip the pretzels. Now we have six!!!). So it goes a bit quicker now :)! It took two hours to do those two batches...

Starting the white pretzels!

My Grandma would call this "The Little Dippers", haha :)!

Sweet :)!

Enjoying a snack afterward.


Half of the finished product (and Abbi asking for more!)!

On the second day of candy making, Daddy was home and helped. We made caramels, triple treats, peanut butter balls, and chocolate covered potato chips.
Then, about 1:30, Daddy and us older four children went to clean the church and take candy plates to a few families. We had a lot of fun, visiting a bit with the people we brought plates to, and seeing one older man, our neighbor in our old house, who we hadn't seen for several months. We were also happy that we caught everybody we were planning on taking the plates to :)!


Tori said...

Hee-hee! Look at Emmi with her tongue out in the first pic. Hee-hee!!! :)!
I love you!!!

Tori said...

Looks like she likes it, and is anticipating them. AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, YOU SAW!!! Hee-hee!!! She is SO CUTE!!!