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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm not sure...

What Abbi was doing last night, haha :)!
Due to having several children with colds at the moment, Daddy put a humidifier up in our room last night. The one we had been using had stopped working, we are not sure why, but he bought a new one to replace it last night. All humidifiers have a light to indicate when they are on, but this one was BRIGHT. Abbi could see clearly to come and talk to me (all us children share a room at the moment, Emmi sleeps with me, and then the other girls sleep together and Andrew has a bed all for himself), and she did so quite often, haha. Finally we all went to sleep, but not long after, I woke up to Abbi climbing into bed with Emmi and I. I asked her what she was doing "I just want to sleep with you," she answered. "Why?" I asked "Because," she promptly replied... and just as promptly fell asleep!
What could I do? She wanted to sleep with me, she was already asleep... and she was too cute! I let her stay, but was really surprised to wake up in the morning and find Abbi in between Tori and Bethi again! I asked her about it this morning, and she said "I was just done sleeping with you." Haha... She's hilarious!
Now, I need to go. Tori made Bethi's day by asking Mommy if Bethi could stay up from quiet time and play The Game of Life with us while eating ice cream, just like "old times" when Bethi was our youngest board game player- three years ago :).

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