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Sunday, November 6, 2011


After four weeks of off-and-on crafting, here's what I have to show for it...
Nine tatted bookmarks. Two given to some dear friends who moved a couple weeks ago. We had a wonderful visit with them the day before we left on our trip! Another four were given to the sweet Maxwell ladies, although I had no idea who I was making them for when Mommy asked me if I would have time to make them before the twentieth of October! Another one was for Mommy, she wanted a red and white one for Christmas books :). Then the eighth was for a sweet friend, we celebrated her birthday the other day by meeting together, having lunch and fellowship together, and packing up boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The last one is for another friend who's birthday was last week. Sorry no pictures for most of these, they were a new style that I didn't get pictures of, and
this style, and

this style.

And the Tic-tac-toe board, WITH pieces! (Also a
built-in pocket for those pieces!)

I've also done two amigurumi project, but I can't tell what they are... I have sisters and a Mommy who read my blog... ;)! I've also worked on altering a few things that I had made before hand, and am ready to get really serious about Christmas presents :)! The whole family is getting into the Christmas mood. We watched our first Christmas movie on the 31 of October, Tori has pulled out the Christmas books, Christmas music is playing in the kitchen right now, and it feels like the perfect time to go do some more crocheting! After all, we only have 47 days until Christmas!


Joy said...

Wow, those are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the little tic-tac-toe board. I have started my Christmas sewing, too, and I've bought a couple of things. My mom is making sugar cookies right now to take to a friend's house tomorrow and my sister Katie is decorating them with Christmas sprinkles :)

Bri said...

Thank you :)!
Are you having fun with all that crafting? Hope your projects are going well!
Mmm, sugar cookies...

Joy said...

Yes, I am! I'm working on a pillow right now.

I just went to the Duggar blog like you told me--WOW! I am sooo excited for them!!!

Bri said...

Oh, have fun!
Yes, sooooo excited!!!