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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The pilgrims took a voyage,
taking food and luggage,
they had a simple explanation-
they wanted a Godly nation.

Many people died,
though to save them they did try.
One baby was born at this time,
one baby- Oceanus- added to the line.

When they reached the shore,
God they thanked once more.
Winter hit as they worked,
still, they did not shirk.

They got five kernels of corn,
their clothes ragged and torn.
All this to Fathers, Mothers, daughters and sons,
still they said "Thy will be done".

Springtime came again,
and with it an Indian man.
Squanto was his name.
Without him they could not have lived, that was plain.

When the harvest came, they thanked God for so much,
They were very happy and invited an Indian bunch.
they feasted several days, three to be exact,
And they were truly glad that not one had gone back.

Today the feast is kept on the 27th,
And we thank our God in heaven,
glad that the Pilgrims had no misgivings,
and so we celebrate... Thanksgiving.

~Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Joy said...

I love it!!.. Happy Thanksgiving, a day late! :) How was your day?

Bri said...

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, also :). We had a great day, I'm going to go start a post about our day right now. Did your family have a good day?

Bri said...

Taking longer than I thought, haha. I'll have to try to finish it Tuesday! Haha!