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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leaf bugs

Abbi and I had quite the time the other day, Abbi watched a movie that had leaf bugs in it, and she was talking about them, and then she said something that made me think that she was under the impression that they weren't real. Sure enough, when I made note that she had seen a leaf bug before, she thought I was crazy, heehee.

Summer 2011

I assured her that she really had, and pulled up my blog to prove it to her with the picture. She still didn't believe me. That wasn't a leaf bug. She didn't know what it was, but it surely was not a leaf bug.
So, I tried looking them up online to see if I could find her a better picture then I had taken. I found this, but she didn't buy it. Okay, so I agree, it didn't look like any of the animated leaf bugs she had seen. 
I found this. Well, that was closer. At least it look like a leaf to her. Now we had a new problem, though. It looked too much like a leaf. She still didn't believe me. Mommy tried to back me up, and we eventually learned that she thought that we were saying that every leaf was a bug. Well, we were able to fix that, but I'm still not sure that she gets it yet, because I showed her that last picture one more time, and she gasped, and said "It has LEGS!!!"
But since she couldn't tell that the head was a head, I don't think realizing that helped much...
It was so funny! But, hey, I learned that leaf bugs and katydids are the exact same thing, not two different things in the same family (yes, it took me this long...), so maybe it was worth it... the laugh sure was ;).

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