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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get ready, get set, Tori's blog is going... move to Blogger :).
I'm not positive this will be permanent, but, at least for now, I think it will cut down on a whole lot of confusion, and with that in mind, you may see her more often in the future, too :).
Since she is using the HomeschoolBlogger site, and I am using Blogger, I have problems helping her with uploading pictures/videos, finding gadgets, etc. Plus, you can't customize the background on that site, which is something she really wants, and Blogger has the fish gadget- another win for her ;).
It's not that HomeschoolBlogger is bad. It has served her good use :). But, for less trouble, it would be best if we were both using the same site so that we know where to find everything :). It will end up being on my account, at least for a few months, as we have tried to set her up her own Blogger account before, and it gave us it's own little fit of issues about adding her on, but she'll keep her old blog up, so that she is able to comment in her name, so that there won't be any confusion that way :).
I just wanted to give you all a heads up on why she won't be posting where you usually find her anymore :)...

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