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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cupcakes, anyone?

The little pincushion I made for Mommy...
I saw this idea on this blog post, and just figured that it linked to a pattern. It didn't, it linked to a book. And I had two weeks until Christmas, while I knew that Mommy had really loved the idea when I showed it to her.
Can you believe that I actually finished it?! (Me either. Haha!) Here's how I did it...

Using size 5 needles and four ply yarn in colors A and B of your choice...
Cast on 4 st in Backwards Loop cast on
Set up for knitting in the round
In color A (wrapper)...
1: K all- 4 st
2: *kfb* x4- 8 st
3: *K1, kfb* x4- 12 st
4: *kfb* x12- 24 st
5: K all- 24 st
6: *K1, kfb* x12- 36 st
7: K all- 36 st
8: *K2, kfb* x12- 48 st
9: K all- 48 st
10: Here I bond off and then promptly picked all 48 of my stitches back up with A, but it would have been better to just purl all for this row, like I did for this project, from the same site... Do what you like :).
11-26: *K1, P1* x24- 48 st (Continue for a total of sixteen rows.)
Bind off.
Then I made an I-cord for the frosting in color B, and wrapped it up on the cupcake, securing with stitch every few inches. I didn't measure mine, I'm sorry. But, since gauge and type of yarn I used are not specified (I'm not sure what the white yarn I used was!), I think you would have to play with it anyway. Just make sure it fits the top of your  cupcake, with some hanging off the side.
I stuffed mine with both polyester stuffing, and chair foam (so the needles stuck better).
Sew the top on, and that's it!


Kaitlyn said...

Love this! You did such a good job! :) I love how some of the icing is hanging off the side. :)

Bri said...

Thanks, Kaitlyn!
I love the icing, too. It wasn't at first hanging off the side, I had made the I-cord too short :(. I showed Tori, and she insisted that I make another cord to continue the frosting for longer- I'm so glad she did!!! It looks much better! (Although Tori still says it needs more... lol, she's hard to satisfy ;)... in a good way :). Ditto above- I'm glad I followed her advice!)