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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Promised zoo pics!

Finally! The zoo pictures from Emmi's birthday :)! We are hoping to get Emmi's real birthday post up in the next few days on the other blog, but for now enjoy these :). It was a blessing to be able to go, because Tori was sick and it was raining when we got up in the morning. But Tori was feeling much better by the time we left, and the rain stopped before the zoo closed!

Our zoo didn't used to have this many giraffes! 
They have had four "little" giraffes (you 
know, six feet tall, lol!) born in the past 
 two-ish years- they are really cute!

Emmi's favorite- the kangaroos!

Andrew sticking his tongue out at the elephant. 
(Scratch that. As I type this, Andrew tells me it 
wasn't an elephant... it was a cloud, and we just 
happened to be by the elephants.?)

Daddy got this picture- I love it!

  I love this one :)...

Lots of Meerkats!

Another Daddy took. These are my favorite monkey, as far 
as monkeys go-unless you are talking about 
little ones who act like monkeys ;)...

And I took this one just for fun... It amazes me how many times you hear "Look! A squirrel!" at the zoo, and not just in our family!!!


Allyson said...

Oooh, those are some really nice pictures... it looks like FUN!! :) I think my favorite photo is the one of the elephant that your Dad took, that is great! And the meerkats are ADORABLE... I love meerkats... I wanted one for a pet when I was little, haha :) I'm glad Tori was ok and you were all able to go and have a fun day!!

Bri said...

It was a lot of fun :). And, yes, Daddy's pictures was my favorite, too :).
I like Meerkats, too. And my Aunt Amber would understand wanting a Meerkat... she still wants a flamingo and a koala (which could live in their Christmas tree, heehee. Our family has some good story tellers ;).)!
Yes, it was a blessing!