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Thursday, June 14, 2012

More pictures!

Emmi's birthday... a sneak peek of what to 
look for on our other blog :)!

This picture was uploaded by mistake, but I decided to 
keep it anyway, I don't think I've posted it before... Peter 
at four days old in the hat, booties and blanket 
I made him (well, the second one :)...).

More freshly washed Peter-hair. It's so fluffy :)...

Hanging out the diapers...

...or, as our neighbor used to say, our white flags of surrender.


Peter's smile :)!!!

He loves the new swing Daddy bought!

I'm not sure where this is, Daddy took it... I love it though!!!




And Emmi with the caterpillar the first time 
we found it on our kitchen floor a couple days ago. 
It has been in the kitchen about three times now
 and yes, we keep taking outside!!!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, loved these posts, Bri! I can't wait to see you soon!
I was picking blackberries and making a blackberry crisp today, thinking of how much fun it would have been to do with all of you!
Love, Aunt Tessa

Bri said...

Thanks Aunt Tessa!!! It has been great to be blogging again :). I'm glad that you've enjoyed them, because I've had even more fun than usual writing them (although I am wishing that I could still write while uploading pictures. I used to be able to, but blogger changed. Now uploading pictures is extremely boring, haha!)!
Oh, that would have been fun :)! I love picking blackberries. We had a ton of wild blackberry bushes around our house for the first two years. I'm not sure if we do this year due to all the work done by some company last year, but we might get a few off of a few small bushes they missed ;)...
Love you too, and looking forward to seeing you all!!!!

Allyson said...

Peter is so precious!!
I love Emmi's expression in the last photo... she looks not too sure about what she is doing, haha!
I'll catch up on the other posts later, I've got to go! "The rush" is not quite over, lol!

Joy said...

Aw, I love the one of Peter at four days old! The hat is so cute. The new pictures of him are adorable, too! (Especially the one of him and Emmi:))
I had to laugh at hanging out the diapers, or, the white flags of surrender! :)
What kind of caterpillar, do you think? That's interesting...we very rarely have bugs in our house.

And I have to join the blackberry conversation, haha--we picked some last night and made cobbler this morning! MMMM!

Bri said...

Allie~ It was tickling her ;). Alright, take your time. It sounds like you have good reason to be gone ;).
Joy~ Thanks!!! I know, I LOVE the one of Emmi with Peter :)!
Heehee :). Our neighbor was soooo funny. He would make jokes like that ALL. THE. TIME. And he would look so serious, too! They were both sweet neighbors... in fact, Mr. Wesley, who loved our "flags" was married to Miss Doris- the lady who taught me how to knit, and that has been such a big blessing in my life!!!
We don't usually have too many bugs, either. We're not entirely sure what kind of caterpillar is was, but at about number twelve, three of which were in the kitchen at the same time, and one in some con that a friend had given us... so we think they are from that corn, which we now don't know what to do with...
blackberry cobbler sounds as good as blueberry crisp!!!

Bri said...

Lol, blackberry crisp...

Joy said...

That's funny! We don't have any neighbors like that :( ...all our neighbors are young couples with one or two kids who are always rushing off someplace.
We found a caterpillar in some corn once. Come to think of it, it looked like that one...hmm...
Haha! Blueberry crisp sounds good, too! :)

Bri said...

Our neighbors are rarely home, either, but they are actually an older couple! They spend up to half the year up North visiting grandchildren :)!
Haha... that is definitely where they are coming from then!
Ya, I guess it does sound good :).