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Friday, May 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday, week six (late... again...)

~A good, Godly (!!!) sign language curriculum DVD.
~The book to go with this DVD- we got this DVD free, but didn't have the book. Mommy and ~Daddy bought us the book for our "first day of spring" celebration.
~Sisters to learn sign language with :).
~Babies who try to sign.... you know, it is amazing how three words can be used for a whole sentence in "baby sign language" ;)!
~Watching two brothers bonding (it is truly precious!!! It is hard to explain, but it really seems to me that even Peter knows that they are going to become best buddies.)
~Watching little ones with babies,
~And hearing them cooing to that baby-
~Cooing such things as "I just can't wait to hold that chubby hand every day while we pray!" (said by Andrew, age 5, while stroking Peter's little hand.)
~Watching Tori make beautiful items with clay.
~Learning how to do new things,
~Especially when it is done as a family group project!
~...Shared with family (I love it when we just sit around talking and laughing).
~...And friends (do any of you know how loud and hilarious it can get when 15 people, ages 2-adult, laugh together uproariously and they don't even know what the joke is???! That happened during a Bible study with our friends once. We never did find out what was so funny!!!).
~A good bread knife (this makes a huge difference in how easy it is to cut homemade bread neatly, especially warm bread!).
~And a huge cooling rack (we have one that can hold four loaves at once, so we don't have to use two- four!)
~Old hymns.
~Beautiful weather.
~And a wonderful Savior :)!

Give thanks to the God of gods,
for his steadfast love endures forever.
~Psalm 136:2


Joy Caroline said...

Would you mind sharing the name of the sign language curriculum? I recently met a deaf person and have been wanting to expand my signing vocabulary! ;)
Laughter shared with family is wonderful! I am also so thankful for laughter shared with family!
Andrew and Peter must be so sweet together!
A good bread knife... yes! That definitely makes a difference! :)

Bri said...

Joy- so sorry! I thought I had answered this (I probably did and then something happened before I posted it, lol) but I don't think you need you question answered since you all did such a good job finding a "good, Godly (!!!) sign language curriculum" ;)!