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Friday, July 22, 2011

"Joyfully at home", by Jasmine Baucham

"Joyfully at Home" is a book for who want to know what stay-at-home daughter hood is about, by a stay-at-home daughter. Miss Baucham does realize that sometimes it is not God's plan that a daughter stay at home, but she does not believe that this should be normal.
The book is written in an easy to read style, giving good advice mixed with plenty of humor! Miss Jasmine writes from experience, but still gives the impression that she's right there, learning all the way right along side you. I really enjoyed this book, but if you do not want to be tempted to embrace stay-at-home daughter hood, you might not want to read this book... your life may become "ruined for the better"... just like Jasmine Baucham's was after reading "So Much More" by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin!
Miss Baucham believes that fixing the state of the heart is the key to fixing all problems that girls struggle with. In the book she encourages all girls to:
Love the Lord with all your Heart.
Be a helpmeet to your Father as a daughter (she also explains that sometimes you could be more of a help to your Father by helping your Mother instead -so she can give more to your Father).
Build relationships with your entire family.
Wait patiently for the man that God would have for you to marry, and realize that the Lord may not even have marriage in his perfect plan for your life.
Keep your heart and thoughts pure.
And more!
To get a clear idea of exactly what Miss Jasmine believes, you can go to her current blog, "All She has to say".

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