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Monday, January 30, 2012

Three teeth in...

Six days...
As stated in my last post, Andrew lost a tooth last Tuesday. One that we didn't even know was loose!!! On Saturday he lost another. At least we knew that this one was loose! But the big surprise came Sunday, the next morning. He was eating his banana bread and calmly announced "I lost a tooth!" Now, we knew this one was loose also, but hadn't expected him to loose it quite so soon (and while eating something so soft!!!!)!
All the teeth were right in a row... He has one of the biggest holes you've ever seen!!!
But Tori beat him!
Three teeth in...
Two days!
No, really! She lost three teeth, just in about eighteen hours (one Sunday night, then she went to the dentist to get a couple loose teeth that were cracking taken out on Monday!), just as we were so shocked at how quickly Andrew's were going!

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