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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm back :)...

I think it is about time for a real post, right? I know, it's been a while... I've just found other things to occupy me :)!
The past few weeks we have been getting settled back into our school schedule after taking a two week break, since Daddy got some vacation time during the first two weeks of January! We were so glad that he was able to spend that time at home!
Now, we are back into our normal schedule. Added to all the school, cleaning, meals, and family time that are a part of our day, we all are working on some special goals, also. Mommy is working on reading the Bible through in 40 days (which means about three hours worth of Bible reading a day), while Tori and I just finished month two in our goal of reading the Bible through in three months (about an hour of reading a day), and Bethi is getting ready to start trying to read the Bible through in a year (about three chapters a day, I believe).
Emmi is working on memorizing the chorus to "To God be the Glory", while Andrew and Abbi are trying to "learn how to play" the recorder, violin, and ukulele (read; like making the noise that those instruments give :)!). (Although I have a (very) small knowledge of the recorder and violin, I am not good at any of these instruments, and only slightly better at the piano. Someday, sometime, maybe I'll get brave and set out to learn how to play something well, haha!)
And now, I have taken on a new project. I am recreating a baby doll blanket that Mommy had as a little girl, in hopes that it will be useable for our baby, due in eleven weeks. 46 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 13 color changes, without counting the boarder, done in fanfare stitch. My hope is to be done before March. It may happen... it may not... but I'm going to try!
So, that is what we have been up to! (And, in case anybody has been wondering, yes, we had a wonderful Christmas... and I fully planned on posting about it... but time got away with me, and I had no pictures to share (I found out my camera card was full at 12 o'clock on Christmas Eve...) so, let it suffice to say that we had a wonderful day, and it was very enjoyable to have a day spent together while rejoicing in our Savior's birth!)

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