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Friday, August 12, 2011

A visit to Grandpa and Grandma's

Daddy had a business trip this week, from Tuesday to Friday. We've missed Daddy these last few days, and can't wait to see him tonight! We decided that we would go have a sleepover at our Grandparent's house. The plan was to get there on Tuesday morning, the day that Daddy was going to leave, and then leave Wednesday afternoon.
We woke up early on Tuesday morning, and got the car packed and everyone fed and dressed. Then we all got in the car and settled down to enjoy the two hour trip. Tori and I only went about halfway there before our Aunt Amber picked us to take us to go volunteer at a garden that she enjoys working at. She said that she volunteers about once a week. We had so much fun!!! After we were done with the weeding that we were put to work at, she took us to Baskin' Robins and then to the Music and Art store to find out how much it would be to replace a violin string. They told us it would be about three dollars to get the string, then a little bit more for them to replace it.
We headed to Grandpa and Grandma's to join the rest of the family. The little ones had had so much fun with Aunt Tessa. They had done a few crafts, played outside for a little bit, and read lots of stories! We visited for awhile, then Aunt Amber took Bethi, Tori, and I to get the violin re-strung. We had meant to do it earlier in the day, but we forgot to get the violin out of the van before we went to the gardens. It was so neat, because I learned so much just in those fifteen minutes! We were lucky. The lady who was working was really sweet. She informed us that our violin was full sized (I didn't even know that there was more then one size!) and showed us how to use the tuner and peg compound. After the violin was tuned, Aunt Amber took us to Baskin' Robins again, because Bethi hadn't went earlier. Aunt Amber loves Baskin Robins ;).
That night, we put the little ones to bed, and then Aunt Amber, Aunt Tessa, Mommy, Tori, and I (and, before we were done, Emmi and Abbi, who woke up in the middle of the night.) played games. First we played Deal, but since Mommy and I are the only ones who enjoyed that, we decided to play Scrabble instead of another game of Deal. It was 3:15 before we were in bed! We were laughing so much that night!!!

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