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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tatted bookmarks: Daisys

I created this pattern, which takes about half an hour to make. I hope you enjoy! As a note, I tat using a shuttle, so I'm not sure that these instructions can be used in needle tatting.
This is what you're bookmark will look like when done :).

Daisy Bookmark*:

This bookmark is made with consecutive rings.
  1. Wind your shuttle, with the color of your choice.
  2. First petal: *10-10*.
  3. : Repeat from * to * four more times.
  4. Leave about four inches of thread bare.
  5. For end ring: 5-5-5-5. Close ring.
Tatting abbreviations: (-) equals picot
(--) equals long picot
(numbers, like 8, 5, and 1) equals number of double stitches to tat.

At first I made this with five petals and a leaf (and a really decorative top, but I liked the look of the simple top better)...

But, after Bethi asked me if I knew that one of the petals was a different color than the rest, and Tori asking if I ran out of thread, and Mommy saying "A leaf?! Oh! I thought it was a llama joke..." (and the fact that it just looked better with five rings instead of six), I just made five petals. And that's how it'll stay ;)...


Hanna said...

Wow you are creative! I love this neat idea.

Bri said...

Thank you! If you know the basics of tatting, stuff like this is a breeze (everybody I know WANTS to tat, but hasn't given it a try). I'm only a intermediate tatting at the moment,and I'm still able to do stuff like this. If you DON'T know how to tat, then it will take you about two weeks of lessons (with practice about every two days, learning something new when you feel ready) to get to this stage :)! I got a shuttle for my thirteenth birthday, and have LOVED the craft :).