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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"The Basket of Flowers" by Christopher von Schmid

I loved this book! I had wanted to read it for a while, and our Grandma blessed us with it a couple weeks ago.
This book is about a gardener with a strong faith in the Lord.  As a young man, he refuses a high position as he feels that in this position he would not be able to fulfill his duty to the Lord. After losing his wife and all but one of his children, he then spends the rest of his life pouring the Lord's truth into this daughter. When Mary is accused of stealing from the Countess, trials follow, and in the end they are banished from the only home this young girl has known. After several circumstances whith lead to the ending in which Mary's name is cleared, circumstances that include the death of her Father, the young girl is returned to favor when her innocence is brought to light. Through the book, the gardener constantly points his daughter to the Lord, using flowers, which they both love so much, to tell beautiful allegory's about Christ.
I thought that this was a really good book, not dry at all, but still filled with so many truths, and showing the love of a Father and daughter united in the Lord.
And, before I close this post, I have to share my favorite quote from the book-
"There is no situation in life so thorny or so miserable that we may not find blessings under the thorns if we look carefully for them."
~James, the gardener, in 
"The Basket of Flowers", 
by Christopher von Schmid


Allyson said...

That sounds good. I should look for it. And I love the quote!! When was the book written? It sounds kind of older.

Joy said...

Oh, Bri, this is one of my very favorite books!! I got it about two years ago, for a Christmas gift, I think. It's such a sweet story filled with lots of truth, as you mentioned.

Bri said...

Allie~ I have no idea how old it is, but it seems fairly old to me :). The best date I can find is 2005, but that is just the date of the copy we have. Joy's might give some more exciting details :).
Joy~ Exactly! I knew our tastes were similar ;)!